Shri Sankata Devi Strotam

ध्यायेSहं परमेश्वरीम् दशभुजां नेत्रत्रयोद् भासिताम् सद्य: सङ्कटतारिणीम् गुणमयीमारक्तवर्णाम् शुभाम् । अक्षस्स्रग्जलपूर्णकुम्कमलं शङ्खं गदां विभ्रतीम् त्रैशल डमरुञ्य खड्गविधृतां चक्राभयाद्यां पराम् ॥१॥ सङ्कटा प्रथम नाम द्वितीयं विजया तथा । तृतीय कामदा प्रोक्तं चतुर्थम् दु:खहारिणी ॥२॥ सर्वाणी पञ्चमं नाम षष्ठं कात्यायनी तथा । सप्तम भीमनयना सर्वरोगहताष्टमम् ॥३॥ नामाष्टकमिद पुण्यं त्रिसन्ध्य श्रद्धयान्वित: । य: पठेत् पाठयेद्वापि नरो मुच्येत सङ्कटात् ॥४॥ ॥इति श्री सङ्कटास्तोत्र: सम्पूर्ण ॥

I meditate on the Goddess with ten arms and three eyes shining She is auspicious and reddish in complexion, full of virtues, and immediately delivers from danger.

She carries an ax, a garland, a water-filled waterpot, a conch and a club Trishula Damaru sword-wielding Chakrabhaya and others supreme. Sankata is the first name and Vijaya is the second. The third is said to bestow desires and the fourth to destroy suffering.

I meditate upon the supreme goddess, the ten-armed one, who is adorned with three eyes and radiates a divine glow. She is the immediate savior from distress, embodies virtues, has a red complexion, and is auspicious. She holds a rosary, a water-filled vessel, a lotus, a conch, a mace, a trident, a drum, a sword, a discus, and displays a gesture of fearlessness and granting boons in her hands.

Her first name is Sankata (The Remover of Distress), the second is Vijaya (The Victorious One). The third is Kamada (The Granter of Desires), and the fourth is Dukhaharini (The Remover of Sorrow). The fifth name is Sarvani, the sixth is Katyayani (The Daughter of Sage Katyayana). The seventh is Bhimanayana (The Fierce-Eyed), and the eighth is Sarvarogahara (The Destroyer of All Diseases).

This virtuous hymn of the eight names, if recited or listened to with devotion at the three junctions of the day (dawn, noon, and dusk), will liberate a person from all distress. Thus concludes the hymn of Sankata.


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